What is RMR?

RMR stands for Ruggedized Miniature Reflex sight (also known for it generic description as “RED DOT”). The benefits of using a reflex sight are obvious, as you are able to use a single reference point in a single focal plane to align the handgun on the...

What is a Sweat Shield?

A sweat shield is for Inside Waist Band holsters and can be right or left handed. The shield goes up against the skin to help prevent rusting the weapon.  The sweat guard can be long (extending to the back of the slide) or medium (extending about half way...

What is a Pocket Holster?

This holster has a either one “hook” (at the top) or two (another at the bottom), that keep the holster in your pocket as you draw. Often used for smaller guns.

What is AIWB?

Appendix Inside Waist Band. These holsters meant to be worn between 11-12 for left handers and 12-1 for right hand shooters.