I run a small custom shop here at PHXHolsters.com.  I simply do not have every mold for every gun that is being or has been manufactured. As a result, there are times when I will need your gun and or magazine to use as the mold.  There are advantages and disadvantages for you the buyer and myself: some of the advantages and disadvantages are listed below.
1.  You are going to get a custom and exact copy of your gun because the Kydex is wrapped around your gun and not just a mold.
2.  I have the ability to custom adjust for each and every gun.
3.  If you are local it is an easy drop off and pick up.
1.  If you are not local – things get more complicated for us both.
2.  Your holster has to be fabricated from a mold.  (This is how all the big shops do it.)
3.  Communication regarding customizations (lights, RMR, etc) can be misunderstood.
I do not want to misrepresent using molds. And I have just recently bought and set up a vacuum former to speed up the holster-making process.  If the molds are a good representation of the gun – it will be a great holster!

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